Research on application of machine learning algorithm to forecast production for fracture basement - Bach Ho field

  • Tran Dang Tu
  • Dinh Duc Huy
  • Pham Truong Giang
  • Le Quang Duyen
  • Tran Xuan Quy
  • Le The Hung
  • Luu Dinh Tung
Keywords: Artificial neural network, machine learning, forecasting production, Bach Ho field, logistic growth


Conventional tools that are currently used to forecast production for fracture basement (such as simulation model and decline curve analysis) are still not highly reliable and their forecasting performance is still short-term, affecting the plan for field development, field operation and optimisation of oil recovery.
The paper introduces the applicability of machine learning algorithm to predict oil production for basement reservoirs of Bach Ho field. The research results show that the artificial neural network (ANN) model using reverse propagation algorithm and the logistic growth model (LGM) using optimisation algorithm have improved the ability to predict production with high accuracy


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Tran Dang Tu, Dinh Duc Huy, Pham Truong Giang, Le Quang Duyen, Tran Xuan Quy, Le The Hung, & Luu Dinh Tung. (2020). Research on application of machine learning algorithm to forecast production for fracture basement - Bach Ho field. Petrovietnam Journal, 12, 37 - 46.

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