Development and application of multi-wave UVP and PIV measurement methods to measurements of single-phase and bubbly two-phase flows in a vertical pipe

  • Nguyen Tat Thang
  • Duong Ngoc Hai
  • Hiroshige Kikura
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Two advanced measurement methods, i.e. multi-wave UVP (ultrasonic velocity profile) and PIV (particle image velocimetry) methods have been developed and applied to the measurement of single-phase and bubbly two-phase flows in a vertical pipe. These are non-intrusive measurement methods which are able to measure the instantaneous velocity profile and 2D velocity field. Thanks to the instantaneously measured velocity profile of single-phase and two-phase flows the characteristics and behaviour of single-phase and two-phase flows can be clarified. Relevant flow parameters can be obtained. The multi-wave UVP method, which is highly compact and able to work with opaque fluids and containers, is expected to be applied to the practical measurement of instantaneous velocity profiles, flow rate and local void fraction, etc., in industrial piping systems in operations such as oil and gas two-phase flows with the presence of deposition, crystalisation and corrosion. Therefore, it could be a very useful measurement tool in the oil and gas and power generating industries.


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