A new approach to design a commercial-scale bubbling fluidisedbed gasifier to gasify char derived from a gasification plant

  • Nguyen Van Luc Technical Instrument and Consultant Technology JSC
  • Le Dinh Chien University of Mining and Geology
Keywords: Design, char, gasification, fluidised-bed, biomass, Refgas


To maximise energy recovery, a methodology for designing a bubbling fluidised-bed gasifier to gasify the char was established based on a combination of experimental kinetic data of gasification reactions on the char particles and the residence-time-design method to determine the bed height. The principal parameters of the fuidised-bed gasifier for char gasification reaction drawn from previous researches and the results collected when using the method proposed in the current research at the same input flowrate are quite similar. However, this method is not suitable to calculate and design fluidised-bed gasifier with diameter of less than 0.2 m. For pilot-scale or full-scale fluidised-bed gasifier (with diameter of over 0.2 m), this method can design the principal parameters of the equipment more easily and quicker than previous methods with a similar level of accuracy. For a flowrate of 500 kg char per hour, a bubbling fluidised-bed gasifier with height of 5.2 m and diameter of 1.22 m was chosen, with a power output of 3,359.52 kW (~ 74.83% ) at an operating condition of 850 oC and atmospheric pressure. The obtained energy value can be used to generate electricity to increase the overall efficiency of a biomass gasification process.


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Chiều cao của thiết bị tầng sôi: Hbed là chiều cao đệm, Hf là chiều cao khoảng không bên trên đệm, TDH là chiều cao tới hạn thu hồi chất rắn, Dt là đường kính trong của thiết bị
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