Corrosion in subsea pipelines and anti-corrosion solutions to ensure safe operation of Vietsovpetro’s oil and gas fields

  • Tran Van Vinh
  • Cao Tung Son
  • Le Dang Tam
  • Chu Van Luong
  • Tong Canh Son
  • Phung Quang Thang
Keywords: Subsea pipeline, metal corrosion, launch pig, Block 09-1, Vietsovpetro


The subsea pipelines of Vietsovpetro’s offshore fields in Block 09-1 were made of carbon steel. These pipelines have been operating in high content of produced water and corrosive impurities for a long period (many pipelines for over 25 years, which exceed their designed lifetime)
which implies very high risks of leakage. Corrosion tests in the laboratory and visual observation of the actual pipeline samples revealed the highest corrosion rate at the bottom of the pipelines, and the positions where water or corrosive products accumulate/stagnate. Pig launching
and receiving systems have been designed, installed, and successfully operated in two oil and gaslift pipelines of Bach Ho field to monitor and control corrosion, clean subsea pipelines to minimise corrosion under deposit layers and optimise the effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitors.
This article analyses the current corrosion inside the subsea pipelines of Block 09-1, the influencing factors, the corrosion mechanism, and mitigation methods to ensure the safe operation of Vietsovpetro’s oil and gas fields.


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Vinh, T. V., Son, C. T., Tam, L. D., Luong, C. V., Son, T. C., & Thang, P. Q. (2021). Corrosion in subsea pipelines and anti-corrosion solutions to ensure safe operation of Vietsovpetro’s oil and gas fields. Petrovietnam Journal, 8, 25-34.

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