Preparation of hierarchical y zeolite catalysts for improved performance in the fluid catalytic cracking of residues

  • Vu Xuan Hoan
  • Ngo Thuy Phuong
  • Tran Van Tri
  • Dinh Duc Manh
  • Dang Thanh Tung
  • Vu Duy Hung
  • Tran Thi Nhu Mai
  • Oliver Busse
  • Jan J. Weigan
Keywords: Cracking catalyst, hierarchical zeolite, FCC, gasoline, Dung Quat refinery


The results of preparation and catalytic evaluation of hierarchical Y zeolite catalysts in the catalytic cracking of residues from Dung Quat refinery were reported in this paper. The hierarchical Y zeolite prepared by optimised acid-base treatments (0,1 M EDTA and 0,1 M
NaOH) and stabilised by ion exchange with lanthanum and ammonium ions exhibited a large mesoporous surface area of ca.140 m2/g, pore size distribution centred at ca.14 nm and improved acidity (2474 μmol NH3/g). A prototype industrial cracking catalyst (DMQ-Y) was formulated from the hierarchical Y zeolite, and its performance was assessed on a SCT-MAT (short-contact-time microactivity test) unit licensed by Grace. The steamed DMQ-Y catalyst exhibited a conversion of ca. 74 wt.% and yields of gasoline and propylene of ca. 48 wt.% and ca. 7 wt.% respectively. Compared to the commercial, analogous FCC catalyst (GRX-3, Grace), DMQ-Y increased the yield of propylene by 2 wt.%. These findings suggested that the presence of mesoporosity in the hierarchical Y zeolite on the one hand enhanced the cracking of bottoms into valuable products, on the other hand it suppressed undesired secondary transformation of formed products, enabling a superior yield of propylene.


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Hoan, V. X., Phuong, N. T., Tri, T. V., Manh, D. D., Tung, D. T., Hung, V. D., Mai, T. T. N., Busse, O., & Weigan, J. J. (2021). Preparation of hierarchical y zeolite catalysts for improved performance in the fluid catalytic cracking of residues. Petrovietnam Journal, 8, 35-42.

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